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Pushing the boundaries of Singapore alpine mountaineering

Singular Alpinism: Welcome

We are a team of Aspiring Alpinists from Singapore, a small and flat country with Bukit Timah Hill being our highest natural point at 163.63m. In real life, we hold normal full-time jobs but commit our spare time for climbing. 

Depending on the expedition objective and individual availability, our team expands or contracts. The core team includes Kong Xieheng, Nicholas Chee and Samie Vu.  Click here for our full team profile.

Singular Alpinism: About



Alpine climbing or Alpinism is a style of climbing which originated in the European Alps, where climbers decided to meet the mountain on its terms, in a self-reliant manner without fixing any ropes or using any porters. This style of climbing requires time to build up more skill and experience, something that our busy lives make even harder to commit towards.

Singular (as defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary) has multiple meanings:

1. Distinguished by superiority: exceptional - an artist of singular attainments. Alpinism is an Art and Alpinists are artists.

2. Being out of the ordinary: unusual - on the way home we have a singular adventure. It can be said that flatlanders pursuing Alpinism is rather unusual.

3. If abbreviated as Singalpinists which also refers to us, alpinists from Singapore.

We are all motivated by the learning process, not just the end result of summitting a peak. We are not full-time professional athletes but rather, climbing is a Lifestyle to us. Drop us a mail to explore this concept...

Singular Alpinism: Tour Packages


We have planned and executed self-supported, independent expeditions in China, France, India, Italy, Kyrgyzstan, Nepal & Taiwan, and are therefore well positioned to share tips for your next expedition or climbing trip to improve your chances of success.



We are fanatics of mountaineering equipment. Check out our articles on gear reviews. If you are unsure about which gears which you are supposed to need for your next big trip, we can advise you in a neutral and comprehensive manner.

Singular Alpinism: Tour Packages
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