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Food Connoisseur

Arnette began rock climbing as an alternative way to experience travel, explore nature and get away from city life. 

After increased exposure to the sport, pure rock climbing progressed into other disciplines used in many other adventures; on land in varying vertical forms (all beautiful in their own way) and out at sea. 

She enjoys a variety of adventures as it allows her to fully embrace what the outdoors has to offer, regardless of season or weather.

Noteworthy Climbs:

  • Mt Arapiles – Australia (350m various trad routes, 2018 & 2019) 

  • Mt Damavand – Iran (5610m, 2018)

  • Sudarshan Parbat – India (6507m, West Ridge, 2016)

  • Mont blanc – France (4809m, Royal traverse, 2016) 

  • Mt Lendenfeld – New Zealand (3192m, 2015)

  • Mt Aspiring – New Zealand (3033m, North West Ridge, 2015)

  • Friendship Peak – India (5289m, 2013)

Arnette Wong: About
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