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Born in 1987, Brian started climbing mountains when he was an university exchange student in Sweden in 2008. After climbing many volcanoes and tropical mountains in Southeast Asia, he quickly turned into alpinism and technical climbing. He was the organizer and team leader of several mountaineering expeditions in Tibet and Sichuan, China.

His favourite mountaineering quote is:
Awareness > Experience > Technique=Fitness > Equipment 

His alpinist idols are: Reinhold Messner, Ueli Steck, Dani Arnold, Denis Urubko, David Lama

His dream peak are: Cerro Torre, Eiger, K2.

Previous climbs:
· Aiguille du Midi(Arête des Cosmiques, alpine style), Chamonix, France(2017)
· Haba Xueshan(5396 M, north slope nomal route, solo climbing), Yunnan, China(2017)
· Unamed virgin peak(5488 M, alpine style), Mount Siguniang Area, Sichuan, China(2016)
· Tangla'angqu Peak(6330 M, alpine style), Tibet, China(2016)
· Chola Mountain(6288 M, normal route, alpine style), Sichuan, China(2013)

Brian Bian Ningyang: About
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