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Head Chef

Coincedentally sharing the name Osh with Kyrgyzstan's mountaineous city, Osh was destined for the mountains. Born in 1990, as a child his only playground in grey urban Singapore was the country's only "mountain", Bukit Timah Hill. He started trekking during his High School years from 2006 in various mountains in Malaysia. Upon finding out about the NUS Make-It-Real Mountainereering Club in 2013 (MIR13), he immediately decided to make the jump from the tropical jungles to the snowcap mountains. His dream is to cook a humble pot of chicken curry in the shadows of the mountains.

Previous climbs (alpine style)
2018: France, Chamonix: Mont Maudit (Kuffner Ridge), Aiguilles de Rochefort (Rochefort Ridge), Aiguilles d'Entreves(Traverse), Chardonnet (Forbes Ridge), Petit Aiguille Verte (NW Ridge)

2017: France, Chamonix: Aiguille Grands Montets (East Ridge), Aiguille du Tour (Arete de la Table), Refuge des Cosmiques (Arete a Laurence), Aiguilles Marbrees (Traverse), Aiguillle de l'Index (Southeast Ridge), Petit Flambeau (Northeast Ridge), Aiguille du Midi (Cosmiques Ridge)

2016: Nepal: Gangchengpo (guided, did not summit), Naya Kang (guided, did not summit)

2014: India, Himachal Pradesh: Friendship Peak, Himachal Pradesh/India (guided)

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