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Born in 1987, Samie started trekking, Kinabalu in 2010 in jeans, cotton top and sneakers. She finally found her life passion in mountaineering after ice climbing in 2011. Samie is the first Vietnamese female to climb Kan Tengri - north route  August 2017 unguided. With enough sleep, she can second up a M5/WI5/D.

Her favourite mountaineering quote is:

"Climbing requires perfect focus and concentration."

Her alpinists idols are Denis Urubko, Tamara Lunger, Simone Moro and the Polish winter warriors. She loves winter mixed climbs in Scotland and Tatras (Poland). She's also a SEA certified sports climbing instructor. Her dream peak is Chogolisa in winter and Khan Tengri North route in winter.

Major climbs (alpine style):

  • Sudarshan Parbat - Uttarakhand/India (6507m, West Ridge, 2016)

  • Khan Tengri - Kyrgyzstan (7010m, North route, 2017), unguided and unsupported but used fixed ropes.

  • Frendo Spur - Chamonix/France (1200m route length, D+, III/AI6, IV (5.7))

  • Mont Maudit - Chamonix/France (4465m, Kuffner Ridge, 2018)

  • Mont Blanc - Chamonix/France (4809m, Royal Traverse, 2016)

  • Aiguille du Chardonnet - Chamonix/France (3824m, Forbes Ridge, 2018)

  • Dent du Géant, SW face - Courmayeur/Italy (2017)

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