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Ice Climbing in Shuangqiaogou

Team: Brian Bian Ningyang, Jason Feng, Keith Ong, Kong Xieheng, Nicholas Chee, Samie Vu, Wei Lei

Climbs: 黄白龙 (Yellow & White Dragon - WI3), 木梯子 (Wooden Ladder - WI3+), 白岩沟 (White Cliff Valley - WI4+ DNS), 大石包 (Big Stone Valley - WI4), 光纤 1 号 (Optical Fiber No. 1 - WI4), 蚂黄沟(Leech Valley - WI3), 五色冰瀑 (Five Color Icefall upper fall - WI3)

Sichuan 2018: Project
Sichuan 2018: Gallery
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